Friday, July 16, 2010

:: Tool 11

I would use brainpop and the lesson plans included in this website:, specifically I like the idea of giving different scenarios to students so they can evaluate and create their own conclusions about the concept, importance and uses of digital citizenship.

I would like them to have clear ALL the components from this chart. In summary:

Literacy: How do you know if a source is reliable? Always keep yourself asking where the information is coming from. How do you know if this is a source that you can trust?

Safety: How can you protect from the web? What are the risks that you can face when using this tools?

Etiquette: Not cyber bullying and also how to share with and help your class.

Learning Strategies: What is what you look for and what is the best format to use?

These components would need to be taught permanently and we should integrate them to our lessons through the school year when appropriate. Students need to experience and see the connections as they get expertize in technology. The same way we build good citizenship by following canons and standards of behavior, the same way we will build digital citizenship.

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