Thursday, June 10, 2010

:: Tool 1

I like creating blogs and avatars nevertheless there are so many options available that by the time when "I finished" I had already spent several hours!!! And still I am thinking about exploring my options :)

I think that our students would love to interact with blogs. I am thinking about Socials Studies for example as a tool to open discussions about a specific topic where students can express their thinking and defend their posture. In Science it would be a great journal to keep their entries about the week.


  1. Neat ideas for using blogs in Social Studies and Science. I think the kids will embrace using technology.

  2. Creating blogs and avatars is so much fun, but time consuming. I could just imagine the students getting caught up with making their site "cool" because that was how I felt, too!

  3. I really like this world of blogging. I really like your blog. I like the colors of your blog... they are so calming and good for kids.