Tuesday, June 29, 2010

:: Tool 6

I would like to use wikis with my students to have a Friday reflection of the 3 classes, like a journal where they can share what was their favorite topic or activity of the week in Science/Social Studies.

As classroom we create a Science wiki where all students can comment and reflect on other students work. We could upload their classwork or even a journal sample as part of CCP where they can consume and critique.

As a school we could save time and resources (paper) in our faculty meetings by discussing topics on wikis instead of writing on post it notes or stickers. Our meetings would be shorter and everybody would be able listen/read our opinions which make things easier when for tutorials or another reason we cannot attend the meetings.

As a team, sometimes when we have field trips we could use a wiki to communicate with the team instead of email.

So, to finish I have a question. What is the difference between Google Docs and a Wiki? As far as I understand both are collaborative authorship documents. Please, if you can clarify this to me I would really appreciate it.


  1. Staff meeting minutes, I like your idea Laura, as sometimes because of tutorials I can't attend those meetings.

  2. :) Thank you Olga. During the fall I was always in the class in tutorials and it was hard to catch up at the beginning. My team had to support me a lot, so I could be in the same page.But I rather having something were even if I was there I could make sure I got it right.

  3. I've been trying to determine the differences between wikis and google docs, too. One of the things I've read says that docs is more a work in progress that people are collaborating on. Wikis would be more of a finished product, storage space, where different people can contribute, add their own thoughts, pages, documents, etc. Hope this helps.