Sunday, June 13, 2010

:: Tool 2

About the Personal Learning Network...
I am excited about thinking that our students would be getting prepared for a generation where the communication is beyond boundaries; having access to other points of views from people all around the world is a positive income that would create not only their learning in a specific topic but a deep apreciation and open mindness that would help them to understand their surroundings. Having a classroom like this opens the door to parents, other teachers, students and people that together create a huge community of learners where every single member is responsible of his own learning and teachers would only help them develop that learning or increase their motivation to active participate in the process.

About the commenting advice...
Rewarding comments can entice students to participate more. I think that is related to being humble and acknowledge everybody's thinking. I also agree with making commenting easy but at the same time I like having a filter to stop comments that are not appropriate.

Five blogs that I will be following...
I am following collegues that are close to the number of tool that I am studying now. They are:

Maria Calero
Lisa Calloway
Alejandra Farias
Penne Irving
Rodolfo Martinez

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  1. I love the way you have included the students in each of your posts. Great comments and suggestions.