Monday, June 14, 2010

:: Tool 3

I created a wordle and a mosaic. The wordle can help students to find author's purpose in a text, they can also criticize and find out what is important for them after writing a document. It is a tool that helps to find the values and purposes in the written format. I could use it for Social Studies for samples of letters of important people to determine their purpose and function in a specific period of time.

The mosaic in this case is a thematic unit on birds where students can identify adaptations. I can use it also to play guessing games. Mosaics can be done in Science to represent habitats, biomes, moon phases, etc.

Students could create this projects and explain them to the class. I think there are many other ways to use these applications. Can you think of some?

:: Laura


  1. This is a very nice collection of bird pictures. You can even cut them and play a matching game if you have the names or 2 pictures of each kind of bird.

  2. I like the mosaic idea. For my first graders pictures are the best thing to use. They can observe at them and write their own questions about the picture and comments. There are so many things they can capture from a picture and it always amaze me of the things they come up with.

  3. What a beautiful mosaic! I know your students will love using it as a learning tool. I also love the Wordle idea and how it so closely relates Social Studies to Language Arts through understanding author's purpose. Great job encouraging comments by ending with a question!