Monday, June 28, 2010

:: Tool 5

Two New Websites...

I used the tags: animals protection, nutrition and health.

I loved this tool. I thing it is my favorite so far because it really filters the information and shows very good websites. I joined Diigo because our students can benefit from highlighting important information and making comments about it. A lot of critical thinking!!!

I could use this tool in the classroom by sharing with the students articles about Science and assign students to give their opinion, evaluate other people opinions and why not, creating their own group. Although at the same time I like the idea of creating groups online, I am a little concern about our students privacy. It is a big responsibility for us, teachers, having our students exploring and sharing, joining and commenting in blogs. I hope I am not being paranoid I know that we have to keep our education with the latest technology and I support it. But I would like to get some "online ethics for kids".

Any ideas or resources available? I will check on Diigo but I would appreciate your feedback as well.

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